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Frequently Asked Questions

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What should my child wear?


Solid color Christmas pajamas preferably for boys. (Deep greens, reds, or dark blues look best.) And solid white nightgowns for girls. Bare feet are preferred. For younger children, we have limited pajamas and gowns that can be used if you’d like. Please CONTACT US to see if we have your child's size if you're interested in using our pajamas/gowns. If not, here are Amazon links to the pajamas and gowns that we order for the studio.


Click Here for Boys Pajamas (I know girls are pictured. But these look amazing on little boys. Choose Red, Dark Green, or Dark Blue for best results.)


Click Here for Girls Nightgowns (Choose white or off white for best results. I also recomment some kind of bloomers or white athletic shorts under the gown.)


What should we do to prepare?


If your child needs a haircut, it’s best to have that done a week or two before the appointment. Haircuts right before pictures are NEVER a good idea. 

If you have a toddler, it’s best to plan your experience during their ‘best time.’ Try not to choose a time right before or after their normal nap time if possible. And make sure their belly is satisfied before they come so they’re not getting hangry.


What is included with the experience fee?


•The peace of mind knowing that your child will get to visit Santa in a safe, sanitary environment.

•20-minute or 10-minute one-on-one private, interactive theatrical experience with Santa Claus.

•Private image premiere and ordering consultation.

•Social media sized digital image files of any photos that you place an order from.

(No prints, products, or digital image files are included with the experience fee.)



How long does the experience last?


For our full Magic Santa Experience, it lasts about 20-25 minutes. If you choose the Mini Santa Experience, it’s an abbreviated experience that lasts about 10 minutes.



Is the experience fee per child or per family?


The experience fee includes each sibling in the immediate family. If you would like to include extended family for an image, like a photo of all the Grandkids for Grandma, please book back to back experiences for each family to be included and we will gladly accommodate the request. However, each family is required to have their own experience.



Oh no! The Magic Santa Experience is SOLD OUT! Is there a waitlist that I can be put on?


Yes! Since the Magic Santa Experience sells out each year, we know that there are families who can’t get in with us. If you try to register and see that all sessions are sold out, please CLICK HERE and email us to be put on our waitlist. If we add another date, or have a cancellation, we will send an email to the families on our waitlist. The first family to go online and book it will have the available time. 



What is the late policy?


You must be on time for your experience, or you risk forfeiting it. The experiences are scheduled back to back for the entire day and we operate at full capacity.



This is a little expensive for ‘Santa Pictures.’ What’s the difference?


We are actually creating a series of images meant to go into one of our custom storybook albums. Any photographer can give you ‘Santa Pictures.’ Very few can create works of art that will stand the test of time and match it with the perfect product to display the creation. The entire process captures the natural expressions and the interactions between Santa and your child. And your child will spend either 30 minutes or 10 minutes with the big guy, depending on which experience you choose. When you compare this to the red-faced, screaming photo of your child running away from Santa, and the 60-90 seconds you get at the large shopping centers, you’ll quickly understand the difference. Give it a try and you’ll leave wanting to come back again next year! 



My child was afraid of Santa last year. And I don’t know how well they will do with this. Should I wait another year?


Absolutely not! Each year, your child will have different reactions to Santa. We feel that it’s important to capture ALL of those reactions so you can have them to reflect on! Our Santas are professionally trained and work hard to ensure your child has a joyful and memorable experience!


What if my child has a meltdown?


When you arrive, breathe deep and relax. Trust us. This is what we do. Regardless of your child’s initial reaction, we’ve most likely seen it and gotten everything going smoothly. Just sit back and silently watch the magic unfold. When parents or others try to talk the child through it, the child normally panics more. We give each child time to warm up. This is not a drop and run picture. We have certain activities geared to get the child engaged and helps them feel at ease. If you interrupt that, it’s difficult to get back on track for the child. Just think of being at a play starring your child. Let everything happen naturally and you will see amazing results!



Are parents included?


The experience is geared toward the children in the family. However, if you would like a family portrait with Santa Claus, please have the parents come dressed accordingly and we will take one at the end of the experience. Please choose red or green clothing to match your children.



When will I see my child’s photos? Who will be helping me during my ordering appointment? And when is the ordering appointment?


You will get to see your unretouched images immediately following the experience. You will be placing your order at this time, so any decision makers will need to be present for this part. You will be guided by our helpful portrait consultants. You will have lots of decisions to make and products to choose from. Which storybook do you love? What size wall portrait would you like to display at home? The consultants are highly trained to assist you through the entire process! They won’t try to sell you anything. They will help guide you and ensure you get the products that you will enjoy for a lifetime!



Do you offer a payment plan?


Sure thing! No credit check and no interest either. It’s an in-house plan similar to layaway. You pay 25% of your order upfront, then the rest can be split in equal installments over time, up to 12 months, depending on the amount of your purchase. Once the final payment is made, you will receive your products within 4-6 weeks. A valid debit or credit card and authorization for monthly autodraft is required to participate in the payment plan.



Can I just get all of the digital files?


No…but yes if you REALLY want to. Let me explain. We specialize in creating priceless artwork and heirloom quality Storybook albums. Pieces that will be handed down for generations. We guarantee all of our products will look amazing when you receive them. But we can’t offer this guarantee when you order products from other labs. They may look amazing, they may not. For this reason, we prefer not to sell digital files. However, if you truly want them, you can purchase the standard images for $150 each.  If you place an artwork order over $500, then you can add the entire collection of standard high resolution digital images for only $299. We do understand the desire to share images with family, friends, and on social media. For this reason, we GIFT you with web-sized files of any images that you purchase as a product.



Are all of the images ‘Magically Edited?’


Unfortunately, that’s just not possible. Each image takes anywhere from 45-90 minutes to do the editing that makes them look like you're actually in the scene. They are all done individually, by hand. There are no ‘Filters’ being used here. For that reason, each image that you request this special editing on will be assessed an additional fee. We recommend reserving these edits for wall art and storybook album covers, but you are welcome to have them done on anything you’d like.



What can I expect to spend?


Because of the enormous amount of time and costs involved with putting this together each year, we do require a minimum purchase of $200 for each experience. The product choice is completely up to you. We’ve had clients spend $200 and we’ve had clients purchase over $5,000. It all depends on which keepsakes you choose. We create products that are intended to bring you joy for a lifetime. And I assure you that the only regrets you might leave with are about the products you chose not to get!



Can other family members place their own orders?


Sure thing! They can CLICK HERE to email us and we'll set up a weekday to come in and view the images. There is no fee for this. But we do require a separate purchase commitment of at least $250 to schedule another premiere.



Will I receive my artwork before Christmas?


If your experience takes place and you order by November 15th, we guarantee your products will be delivered before Christmas. After November 15th, depending on your order and lab turnaround times, we MAY get your order back before Christmas, but cannot guarantee it. Typical turnaround is 4-6 weeks, depending on the products ordered.

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